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Vigilante is guaranteed to change how you analyze your receivables portfolio.

You now possess the power to:
  • See what trends are occurring across the accounts receivables of your industry and others.
  • Have the ammunition you need to protect yourself from any progressing economic payment trends in your industry.
  • Benchmark. You can now see whether your A/R portfolio performance is stronger or weaker than your industry and others. It will give you a clearer picture of where internal improvements are needed and how to increase profits.

Ansonia Vigilante — the A/R Portfolio Management Radar

Read on and we’ll show you why Ansonia Vigilante is the 21st-century accounts receivable portfolio tool.

Vigilante guards against bad credit risk and helps to preserve your company’s hard-earned bottom line. Not only does it save you an enormous amount of time, but it can also help protect you from financial losses.

What tools do you have now to review and analyze your receivables portfolio?

Are you happy? Sure, your in-house system can spin the data in a thousand different ways. It seems to be working just fine, or so you think…

But what if you could tap into an outside business credit database that:
  • is continuously updated in real time?
  • is a true global database of over 7 million businesses?
  • updates daily to over 25 million account activities?
  • contains over $700 billion in trade A/R data?

What if you could take your receivables data and instantly compare it to real-time receivable data from your industry, or every industry that does business with your customers?

What if you could customize the data any way you want, with just a click of a button?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to quickly identify potential risks and be able to take immediate, appropriate action before things get out of hand?

Is your head spinning with ideas on what you could do with an analytical tool like this?

How about benchmarking your receivables portfolio performance? The most forward-looking and profitable companies tend to be those companies that continually ask themselves:

  • How do we compare with others?
  • Are we using the best practices?
Ansonia Vigilante is the only business credit data tool that helps do all this and more.

Ansonia Vigilante is the only product that allows you to see how your customers are performing within your receivables portfolio versus your industry, and any other industry doing business with your customer. This is all done with a click of a button.

Vigilante has several analytical categories to make comparisons with such as:

  • Top 20 account balances - 90 day trending
  • High Risk Accounts
  • Watch List

…and many more. You can easily customize for any criteria you need. And with a click of a button you can drill down even deeper. This opens up all sorts of new analytical possibilities that haven’t existed in the business credit arena – until now!

  Possible Scenario #1

Your business is being paid on-time, so there’s no reason to review the credit on an existing customer, but the 90-day trending with other industries shows serious weakening in Days-to-Pay.

Vigilante can put a customer on your radar you would not have otherwise known about. Slowing payment trend to other creditors = potential FUTURE at-risk accounts and write-offs.

  Possible Scenario #2

Your sales department just processed a large order last month for one of your customers who has been inactive for the past 4 months. A quick query in Vigilante identifies any customer with a zero balance the prior month, and provides 90-day payment information from your industry and others.

If the trend is negative, you can immediately remove your existing credit line so additional orders do not ship. Effectively, Vigilante has just identified the “needle” in the haystack.

Powerful, huh?

Wait, that's not all.

You can now easily identify accounts that are trending slow and compare them to industry trends. By benchmarking your receivables portfolio to your industry and/or other industries you can immediately get a good, complete look at how your credit and collection department is performing.

If your industry competitors are all getting paid within terms, it could mean you simply have some internal paperwork issue:

Are invoices getting rejected for billing or dispute errors?

Are you sending invoices to the right place?

Are checks getting posted in a timely fashion, etc.?

Don't let your auditor surprise you with bad news.

Vigilante will help you identify these costly errors and improve your accounts receivable processes.


You’ve Just Become A Hero!

Bottom Line — the faster you can approve sales and collect your receivables, the less money you have to borrow, which translates into less interest paid, which means more profits.

We can give your company new insights into managing your accounts receivables and making more profits year after year.

Let Vigilante be your 24/7 “radar screen” for alerting you to A/R trending changes and high-risk payment behavior. Vigilante will help your A/R analysis and prioritize your portfolio to collect money faster, lower bad debt, and streamline cash flow.

Vigilante Case Study

You often hear the token bit of advice “keep it simple” and that is exactly what Ansonia Credit Data aims to do with its accounts receivable analysts’ tool, Vigilante. Ansonia gets straight to the point and shows you the information you need. 

Jeff Paschal, Director of Credit at Premier Trailer Leasing, emphasized how beneficial the Vigilante program has been in helping his business get down to the critical data and keeping complex information simple. This makes monitoring risk and making heavy decisions easier. As Paschal says, “you get all of the facts, none of the fluff”.

Become one of the new, smart business owners who use Ansonia Vigilante and get a leg up on your competition.


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